TLD Legal Policies

Domain Registration Terms and Conditions

TDK Corporation (the “Registry”) has created this document to set forth the Registration Terms and Conditions concerning the registration of second level domains in the .tdk Top-Level Domain (“TLD”).

Whois Access Policy

This Policy (“Policy”) defines the Data Publication Service (Whois) as required by ICANN in the Registry Agreement. TDK Corporation (“Registry Operator”) is required to collect and provide domain name registration information ("Whois Data") for a variety of purposes.

DNS Abuse Policy

This Abuse Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for addressing abusive behavior and activities associated with domain registrations in the .tdk Zone.


The information and links provided below contain additional information provided by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”). The information is intended to help you, the registrant of domain names, to better understand your rights and responsibilities.